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2017 NRHA European Derby to be held in Lyon, France

Equita Lyon, one of Europe’s premier events in the equestrian world, is host to the 2017 edition of the NRHA European Derby on November 1-5 Oklahoma City, April 19 – Following NRHA Germany’s decision not to host the 2017 edition of the NRHA European Derby in Kreuth, Germany on July 23-30, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Executive Committee, alongside the NRHA European Affiliate Council Executive Board, has worked endless hours in order to best accommodate our European members, owners and riders. After considering the generous availability to host and manage the event by Sandra Quade (ReadySteadyShow, Germany), Manuel Bonzano (23 Quarter Horses, Italy), Helmut Schulz (Westernstar HD Schulz, Austria), Corinna Schumacher (CS Ranch, Switzerland) and Kader Ikhllef (Parc Equestre Francilien, France) – who our heartfelt thank you goes to – the NRHA European Council Executive Board put forth a recommendation to the NRHA Executive Committee to move forward with Equita Lyon being the hosting venue. The latter was approved and, moving forward, details will be posted on the website. “On behalf of Sylvie Robert, director of equestrian events for GL events and president of Equita – and myself – I would like you all to know that we are very happy to organize this beautiful event in cooperation with NRHA,” said Cristine Rigollet of GL events Exhibitions. “I am excited about hosting the European Derby within Equita Lyon,” added NRHA President, Mike Deer. “It’s an exciting new venue and an opportunity for NRHA in Europe to expand and have an increased presence to a new audience. I’m glad it worked out for the show to be held in such a great venue and would personally like to thank all those that volunteered to host the event prior to the final decision being made.” First held in 1995, Equita Lyon has become one of the most prestigious events in the equestrian world for both professionals and amateurs and provides over 100 hours of TV coverage worldwide. All levels of riding competitions are represented, from World Cup to club-level. The show attracts over 150,000 visitors and the Euroexpo trade-show boasts vendor space exceeding 130,000m². The website, created to adjust to smartphones and digital tablets, counts close to three million page visits from September to November yearly. Digital strategy is developed around this web site, as well as on social media, and over 20 newsletters are sent annually. Update on the NRHA European Futurity and NRHA European Affiliate Championships: The 2017 edition of the NRHA European Futurity was held in Cremona, Italy. This was the first year at this facility and proved to be very successful. The NRHA European Council met in Cremona and approved an additional 5-year contract between the Italian Reining Horse Association (ItRHA), who will manage the event, and CremonaFiere, the host venue for the European Futurity. During the meeting, the Council also approved the proposal that the NRHA European Affiliate Championships be held in conjunction with the European Futurity in 2018 and 2019. Media Contact:
Simona Diale
NRHA Senior Director of Publications


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